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Popular Games: Mobile Blackjack


Feb 2016

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It would seem that the mobile blackjack gaming market has a new way to offer their IOS and Android games and apps  to their players, especially those interested in playing 21 on cell phones or mobile devices. We have seen an increase in the amount of mobile games for phones that have hit the market, most of which have been the most popular that anyone will find in a casino; slots, poker, roulette, and 21. There are many advantages, not only for players, …

BWIN Adds “Slider Blackjack” To Their Mobile App


Dec 2014

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The huge online sportsbook bwin has just released an update to their mobile betting, where one of its features include “Slider Blackjack”, a small blackjack game that allows you to play a hand while placing your other bets. This new app is actually an industry first in the sense that no one has made an app that works like this, merging mobile sports betting with blackjack games. The app is more geared towards the sportsbook, but if you still want to enjoy …

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