European Blackjack Game

European BlackjackEuropean Blackjack is basically the same as regular blackjack, with just one small difference that should not change your blackjack strategy. The game comes from the way blackjack is played in Europe, thus the name European Blackjack. The one difference is that the dealer will only receive one card, face up, rather than getting dealt both cards. The player will still receive both cards and will play their hand just as usual.

European Blackjack Rules

Since European Blackjack is so similar, the basic rules will be mostly them same.

  • Blackjack pays 3:2.
  • Insurance pays 2:1.
  • Dealer must stand on Soft 17.
  • Double down on hands that total 9, 10, or 11.
  • Split Aces receive only one card.
  • Split hands up to three times.
  • If the dealer gets a blackjack, the player will lose their bet.

How to Play European Blackjack

The game starts just like regular blackjack, with all players making their initial bet. Afterwards, two cards are dealt to the players, but the dealer only receives one card face up. The round then begins at the first player.

Each player will decide to Hit, Stand, Split, or Double based off of the dealers card, as well as what basic strategy dictates. After each player has finished playing their hands, it wil be the dealers turn. The dealer will now receive their second card, and will play their hand based on that card. If they receive a blackjack, the players will lose their hands. Hands win based off of value.

It is just as simple as regular blackjack, so give it a try and play free European Blackjack.