Spanish 21

Spanish 21Spanish 21 Blackjack is a more competitive game, seeing as how the house edge and advantage is 2% higher. Even with that high edge, players can still get ahead with the extra bonuses and some higher payouts throughout the game.

The game has become very popular, especially at offline casinos. It is making its way to online casinos, so you may be able to find it at your favorite casinos. The official website:

Spanish 21 Rules

Just like all other blackjack variants, this follows the some of the same rules regular blackjack uses like, point value, end goal, and the terms. As it is a variant, it will have several differences you should know about:

  • No 10’s are used. You will still encounter Jack’s, Queen’s, and King’s, but there will be no 10’s, which is what gives the house a slightly higher edge.
  • Double down is only allowed after the player has taken a Hit or has Split their hand, this includes any cards and hand. When doubling, the player must place the same wager they made originally.
  • Players can split up to 4 hands.
  • Players can surrender any hand, including after doubling down, except if the dealer has a 21 or blackjack. When surrendering, the player will get half of their bet back.
  • Players will always win with a 21, regardless of what the dealer has; insurance is offered and pays out 2-1.

There are also two side bets that a player can use: Super Bonus and betting your hand will outrank the dealers. The Super Bonus bet is if a player receives three 7’s, and the dealers face up card is also a 7, the player will receive $1,000 on a $5-$24 bet, and $5,000 on a $25 bet. The other side bet is where you place a bet that your hand will outrank the dealers and can pay out up to 40-1.

How To Play Spanish 21

Most of the basic rules are the same between Spanish 21 and blackjack, so the way it is played is also very similar. You will have to remember that you can Surrender, as well for the fact that there are no 10’s. Also know that the bonuses and higher payouts will help level the higher house edge. There are many different payouts, so unless you want to memorize them all, you can let the dealer handle them.

You will start by placing your initial bet, as well as any side bet you want. Receive your cards, and use the available options including Hit, Stay, Double, Split, or Surrender. After the dealer has played, you can compare both hands and determine whether you have won, pushed, or lost. Let the dealer worry about paying you the bonuses and payouts that you don’t remember.

Spanish 21 Hand Payouts

These are some of the more important Spanish 21 hands and their respective payouts, including the bonus hands; these are extra payouts:

  • Blackjack: 3-2
  • Insurance: 2-1
  • 5-Card 21 (getting 21 with 5 cards): 3-2
  • 6-Card 21: 2-1
  • 7+ Card 21: 3-1
  • 21 made from a 6/7/8 Suited: 2-1
  • 21 made from a 6/7/8 Off-Suit: 3-2
  • 21 made from a 6/7/8 of Spades: 3-1
  • 21 made from three 7’s Off-Suit: 3-2
  • 21 made from three 7’s Suited: 2-1
  • 21 made from three 7’s of Spades: 3-1

If the player doubles down on any hand, they will become ineligible for the bonus payouts.