USA Casino Blackjack

US casino blackjackThe USA in known for its great casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, as these are the most popular places to gamble. On top of these, the United States also has a great variety of casinos in almost all of its States, which offer one from or another of blackjack games. Each State has its own rules regarding its casinos, as well as the games it offers, including blackjack. There are four basic categories that the casinos fall under, Nevada casinos, Atlantic City casinos, Indian Casinos, and Racinos. Each category represents what a player can come to expect to find in each State.

Nevada Casinos

The first category of casinos are the Nevada casinos, which include Las Vegas and Reno casinos. This is a special place in the USA, as the gambling rules and regulations here are much more relaxed and open, which is why there are so many options for players to pick from. All of these casinos are considered to be Class III, which allow them to offer machine and table games, as well as being able to payout more than $5,000 per player session. For those that want to find the best variety in rules, as well as blackjack games can certainly find them at the Nevada casinos.

Atlantic City Casinos

New Jersey, home of the Atlantic City casinos, is a second category of casinos. These follow the same pattern as the Las Vegas casinos, having more open regulations on their gambling; with the exception of sports wagering. They are also considered Class III casinos, where they are allowed to operate at a higher standard. However, in recent years, due to many factors, Atlantic City casinos have been in a decline, possibly because of the expansions of casinos throughout the USA. Either way, players will be able to find and play blackjack at any of the great casinos still around.

Indian Casinos

Indian casinos are run by Native American communities, whom have been given special permissions granted by each State, or the Federal Government, to operate legally. Most of the Indian casinos are Class II, however there are a few exceptions that have gone on to getting gambling licenses and become Class III. At the Class II Indian casinos, players will be able to find a range of video casino games, including video blackjack. For those looking for blackjack tables, they would need to go to a Class III Indian casino.


Racinos are the fourth kind of casinos that players can find throughout the United States, and is a special kind. The idea came about in 2003, as horse racing and dog racing have been in a decline, so many race track owners decided to adapt. The way they were able to improve was by combining the race track with a casino, becoming a Racino. These racinos are Class II, meaning they can only offer machine and video gambling, such as slots; in some cases they have been given special permission by their State to allow video poker and video blackjack. Players looking to play video blackjack games, but also be able to bet on a horse race, should definitely go to a Racino.

United States Casinos

You can find all of these casinos throughout the USA, so check out how many casinos each State has, and if they offer blackjack games:




Alabama 3 No
Arizona 22 Yes
Arkansas 2 Video Blackjack Only
California 149 Yes
Colorado 50 Yes
Connecticut 3 Yes
Delaware 4 Yes
Florida 35 Yes
Georgia 2 Yes
Idaho 5 Yes
Illinois 10 Yes
Indiana 13 Yes
Iowa 22 Yes
Kansas 8 Yes
Louisiana 28 Yes
Maine 2 Video Blackjack Only
Maryland 6 Yes
Massachusetts 3 Yes
Michigan 26 Yes
Minnesota 20 Yes
Mississippi 37 Yes
Missouri 14 Yes
Montana 9 Video Blackjack Only
Nebraska 4 No
Nevada (Las Vegas.) 222 Yes
New Jersey (Atlantic City) 8 Yes
New Mexico 28 Yes
New York 20 Yes
North Carolina 2 Yes
North Dakota 6 Yes
Ohio 11 Yes
Oklahoma 97 Yes
Oregon 9 Yes
Pennsylvania 12 Yes
Rhode Island 2 Video Blackjack Only
South Carolina 1 Yes
South Dakota 40 Yes
Texas 1 Video Blackjack Only
Washington 31 Yes
West Virginia 5 Yes
Wisconsin 20 Yes
Wyoming 4 Yes

There are certain reasons that casinos may not offer blackjack, or only offer video blackjack:

  • Casinos may be Class II, where they can offer race bets, and limited video gambling including slots, video poker, and video blackjack. This would include some Indian casinos, as well as privately held casinos.
  • State Laws that prohibit games that rely at least 50% or more on luck.
  • States that have not legalized gambling, so players would not even find any casinos.

Gambling Classes

So players can understand what we mean when we say Class II or Class III casinos, this guide will inform you what each class means:

Class II Gambling

  1. Prizes for one session cannot exceed $5,000
  2. Can only be run by a society
  3. The proceeds must be used according to authorized purposes
  4. Consumer information must be clearly described at point of sale
  5. Does not need a License
  6. The gambling must follow relevant game rules

Examples: Race betting, Horse or Dog. Video gambling devices including Slots, Video Blackjack, Video Poker, etc. (no live table games). Lotteries.

Class III Gambling

  1. Prizes for one session can exceed $5,000
  2. Can only be run by a society
  3. The gambling activity must comply with relevant game rules
  4. Does not have to solely be a gaming machine
  5. The Department of Internal Affairs must be satisfied with operations and money management
  6. The purpose must be to raise money for an authorized purpose
  7. Must have a License

Examples: Machine games including Slots, Video Blackjack, Video Poker, etc. Table games including Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, Craps, etc. Sports gambling; only in States that allow this activity.