Seminole Blackjack Games Deal In Danger Of Ending


Mar 2015

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Seminole blackjack deal

The Seminole American Tribes casinos in Florida may be heading towards disaster, as the high-stakes gambling deal with the State, like their blackjack games, are about to expire. This would leave six of their casinos unable to provide their customers with house-banked card games.

In 2010, the Seminoles and the state of Florida signed a 20-year contract where they were allowed to run and operate slot machines. This deal also gave them permission to have house-banked card games, of which blackjack is one of the favorites. According to the deal, this permission is set to expire on July 31 of this year.

Unless Governor Rick Scott and tribe are able to come to a mutual understanding, this could very well hurt their profits, and it does not look good for the tribe, as they attempted to renew this deal last year, but failed. The reason they were given exclusive rights were due to the fact that they are revenue sharing with the state.

The Seminoles have shared $230 million per year with the state, where $130 million comes from banked card games. If they are not able to successfully negotiate, around 3000 jobs may be lost.

However, this will also open Florida to new gambling business, seeing as how many have an eye on expanding and opening casinos. This may be a hard decision for the Legislature, but in the end, it may be good to spread the wealth around.


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