A Lucky Blackjack Break For Taxi Driver; Winning £89,000


Apr 2015

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Blackjack jackpot win

A very lucky taxi driver from Brighton, Goksel Selay, hit it big when he decided to play some blackjack at the Genting Club, in Western Esplanade. As there was not much movement with fares, he decided to try his hand, and it paid off, big time. At this Westcliff casino, Selay sat down and started his hand.

As he played, he was dealt four Aces, which led him to win the Blackjack Aces jackpot, where he walked away with a check for £89,950. This jackpot was actually linked with 35 other casinos nationwide. Selay was a smart player, as well as winner, as he put that money towards bigger and better things than trying his luck yet again at the tables.

He has planned to use some of his winnings to buy a new car for his wife, fix up his home, and put the rest aside for his children. Being able to walk away and use the money for better things is the mark of a good player, and seeing as how Selay was a regular at the Genting Club for 10 years, his loyalty paid off.

You can read more details of the blackjack jackpot here.

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