Shaq Created New Blackjack Game


Sep 2015

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Shaq invents new blackjack game

Shaquille O’Neal is known for many things, from his time playing professional basketball to acting, but what many did not expect was for him to invent a new form of blackjack. However, it is true, Shaq, along with Dynamic Gaming Systems have been able to develop a hybrid of the famous casino card game. The official name is ShaqBLACKJack, but as you can notice from the picture and logo, it will probably be better known as Shaq Jack.

The company Dynamic Gaming Systems, a casino games developer, along with Shaq, reportedly took a total of four years to develop his new game. It tweaks the regular game a little, so that it is much more entertaining for the player, as well as giving them a chance to become an instant winner. The changes that Shaq Jack provides are:

  • The Player will be able to pick one hand from among three options.
  • Shaq will run across each game station, and when he stops at one, they become an instant winner.

They will be using the electronic blackjack technology and take it to another level, as the seats, game stations, and virtual dealer all lend to making the experience as entertaining and immersive as possible. It is possible to have unlimited number of players able to play from a single Dealer station. All of this, and more, will actually be unveiled by Shaq at the Parx Casino with CEO Tony Ricci, as he mentioned during a press release,

“When we had the opportunity to play the game and we personally experienced Shaq’s enthusiasm for creating this thrilling new game for our customers, we knew we had to have it. Shaq himself is synonymous with excitement, winning and fun — and that is what we want our guests to think about Parx.”

This will be an amazing time to be a blackjack player, as there are more and more options to pick from. So, if Shaq Jack does make it big, maybe other casinos will want to put it on their gaming floors.

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