Sands Bethlehem adding 150 Stadium Seats for Blackjack


Sep 2015

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Blackjack stadium seating

With casinos all across the country competing for customers, one in Pennsylvania is making a huge addition to their blackjack tables and other games across their main floor. The Sands Bethlehem is planning on adding 150 stadium-style seating at their electronic and live dealer tables in hopes of getting more people off the streets and into seats, especially with the younger crowd. The one problem many casinos have been confronted about over the years is the lack of seating at certain tables, in this case, the $5 blackjack table.

Many do not want to start out at the high roller tables, placing a minimum of $25 per bet, but would rather try the game out while spending small amounts of money. This is exactly what the Sands Bethlehem CEO Mark Juliano believes, and as the world starts moving towards more electronic and automated types of gambling, this will help them catch up.

The 150 seats will be placed around electronic monitors, as well as around live dealer tables, so that more than 6-8 people can sit in and play at the same time, rather than having to wait for a seat to get empty. The Las Vegas Sands Corp. has already been offering this type of seating at some of their Asian properties, and has been a huge success, which is why bringing it to America seems to be the next step. This type of seating system is not seen very often around the US, and with their 150 seats they will boast having the largest in the country.

“I think it’s a great prospect,” said Gaming Control Board member Keith McCall. “So many people want to sit at a $5 blackjack table, but can’t.” This is just one step that casinos are trying to implement as they target Millennials, hoping to drive their money straight into their pockets. With blackjack being one of the most popular card games at casinos, it is a smart move to make more room for seats, just like they are looking toward improvements in the way slot machines are made and played.

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