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Feb 2017

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Bovada Online Casino has introduced a new card game certain to be popular.
In this variant of “21”, the player has the opportunity to have up to three hands at one time in the action.

The game is called Multi-Hand Blackjack, and it follows traditional rules based on a six deck game, but players enjoy 3 times the action.
It is ideal for fans of table card games that wish to have a faster pace of action and higher rewards.

To start the game, you choose between one and three hands, tossing in a wager (the ante) for each hand.

Next, click “Deal” again if you wish to receive a 2nd or 3rd two-card hand, and play your hands as normal. Press “Hit” if you decide to get another card, or click “Stand” if you are satisfied with the cards you have. Also, when you have two equal value cards you can choose to Split a hand (then you have two hands from that hand) into two hands. You also have the option of “Doubling Down” when you believe it is likely that a single additional card will put you into good position to beat the house dealer.

Just like the traditional game rules, you can buy insurance when the dealer has a Ace showing, or chose alternatively, to surrender your hand if the Dealer’s cards show you the best choice is to fold.

When you are playing multiple hands, each hand you have is played separately, while the dealer is limited to a single hand, making it easier to choose your actions and bet amounts.

Play your cards with the aim of getting a higher score than the dealer – but without going bust (if the hand score is greater than 21).

At the end of the round, after you have played all your hands, the dealer’s hidden hole card is revealed, and his hand is totaled (scored) versus each of your hands – one at a time.
The payout for each hand won is 1:1 – you get back $2 for each $1 bet. And, when the round is a push (you and the dealer have the same score, but under 22, as 22 is a BUST ), you will get your bet returned to you and lose no money. However, if the dealer beats your score and does NOT go over 21, the wager on that hand is lost, and goes to the house.

You can play Multi Hand Blackjack on all popular Operating systems and devices, including cell phone, tablets and desktops, and runs on Windows, Android, IOS, and OS-X.

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